Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yellow Stars Sugar Cookies

I think I'm getting better at decorating! Hubby let me I purchased a #2 tip for outlining the other day at Ben Franklin... before this, I was using #4 tip because that's all that Wal-Mart had.  It was a lot easier to handle the #2 tip for the curves and decorations, and I liked using #4 to flood the middle.  It came out a lot better than the hearts.

However, my three followers may not know this but I am a new mommy, and I have a hard time finding the time to bake.  I either bake when BJ is sleeping or when HJ is home.  Well, this time, HJ was home but he was outside doing something in the yard.  After I got done outlining my stars, I filled in all of my cookies with the watered down icing and was about to spread out the icing... when BJ started crying!!! HJ tried to help and spread out my filling, but by the time he got there, most of my stars dried. I forgot to take pictures of those.  Well, actually, I purposely didn't take pictures of those because they turned out so bad!  But my nice ones came out pretty good.  Still not in sell-able condition but Im excited that I'm getting better.

I gave the nice stars to SIL as a present... and gave the rest of the junkie stars to MIL, FIL, and BIL. Lucky for me, they like sweets.  :-)

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