Friday, May 7, 2010

Pink Heart Sugar Cookies

 I have been scouring blogs looking for baking ideas to try, and I found the perfect thing to try.  Easy, fun, yummy SUGAR COOKIES!  (Find the recipe here.)  It looked so easy, I told HJ I think I could start a business making these... I should have actually tried making it before I made this statement.  Decorative sugar cookies are harder than they look!  I told you I'd be honest in my posts, right? Well... look at my disaster:

Looks like a pile of poop I need practice!

Okay, so they actually tasted good, and they didn't all turn out that bad:

But, ahem, I still need practice. 

 HJ and I also discovered another problem.... who is going to eat all of these things I bake??? HJ is trying to watch his weight, and I'm still trying to lose the baby weight, so we don't want to eat sweets.  I don't want to make them and throw them away... what to do, what to do.  


  1. thanks for following my blog !! Your cookies look YUMMY !! lol

  2. haha some of them look yummy... some of them look yucky :-P i'm still practicing!

  3. HI yes I do remember you ..WEll to be honest with myself I remember your face !! you have a baby thats awesome ! Are you still at the school ? practice makes perfect ! Im hoping to learn to bake a BLUE velvet cake for my upcoming 21st Bday !

  4. My dad seems to enjoy eating the cookies... so I guess you know where to send them while you're practicing!

  5. HJ - oooh ok sounds good :-)